Take me to the mountains - 4h

Walking in the mountains surrounding Bergen is a trully amazing experience. Not only for an unbeatable view of the city, but to contemplate nature at its best, and disconnect your mind. You'll meet locals on the tracks at anytime, no matter how the weather looks like. You won't experience Bergen fully until you know its mountains. 
Let us take you to the mountains, guide you through some of the hidden gems, and make you feel like you are inside a movie scenery! 

We'll meet at Bergen Teater, in front of Henrik Ibsen statue. After a little walk in the city center, we'll head to Floibanen, where we take the funicular to Fløyen. From there we'll take a path to reach Rundemannen, and then return to Fløyen. The tour ends at Fløyen where you can enjoy the view, and have lunch. The tour should take around 4 hours, depending on weather conditions and group size.


  1. Teater - Henrik Ibsen statue
  2. Main Square
  3. Fish Market
  4. Floibanen
  5. Fløyen
  6. Skomakerdiket
  7. Brushytten
  8. Rundemanen
  9. Brushytten
  10. Skomakerdiket
  11. Fløyen