Stand Up Paddle-rental

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Looking for a physical activity or a fun thing to do on the fjord? Rent a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in Skjolden and explore the inner part of Sognefjord on your own!
Unlike traditional surfboards, SUP-boards are bigger in length, width and volume. The increased size makes the boards more stable and ideal for exploring the fjord. Come close to steep mountain walls that goes vertically down to the fjord and enjoy the amazing fjord views. The fact that you are standing and paddling, gives you a better view and a different perspective of the water around you than in a traditional kayak.

You have also the opportunity to sit or lay down on the board to relax or take the board up the shore. Keep your eye out for curious fjord seals and porpoises that shares the fjord together with you.

Enjoy the Lustrafjord as a part of an active and fun holiday!

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